Gratitude Journal

29 November 2012

A surprise visit from my parents, ice cream, snuggling with my dog on the couch.

14 November 2012

The last pink rose from my garden, brought inside to bloom.

8 November 2012

Ice cream cake; homemade turkey pot pie; a cold, brisk walk with the dog; Glee

10 October 2012

I'm glad that I have a good job with good pay and a good benefit package.

8 October 2012

I'm grateful that I have so many things to be thankful for.

5 October 2012

As much as I feel frustrated by the stop-and-go, slow moving drive to work each morning, this morning I saw the beautiful fall colours in the valley.  It was lovely.  I'm thankful for that.

28 September 2012

I am grateful for my health.

24 September 2012

I cannot express enough how grateful I am to my in-laws and their once weekly visit.  With dinner made and dishes done by my mother-in-law, the dog walked by Papa, extra hands at the dinner table and bedtime routine, I feel more relaxed than any other night of the week.  And then, in the evening, I have time to do other things.  Thank you!

21 September 2012

Today I am grateful for my very understanding boss.  As a parent herself, I appreciate that she allows me the flexibility I need to try to balance home and work.

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