Wednesday, 23 May 2012

To Nap or Not to Nap

That is the question. 

I really love napping.  It is a great escape that allows me to recharge.  It’s not just that I need a break; I really believe in the importance of a siesta. True, sometimes my naps last as long as 2 hours, depending on how long the children are asleep, but I don’t feel guilty.  I justify the duration of my nap by acknowledging that my body must really have needed the rest, right?  Besides, a good nap is so important to my state of mind.  One of my mantras is everything is easier with patience. (Yes, even squabbling children, sassy mouths and tantrums.) And patience is severely limited by exhaustion. 
So, since weekday naps are not looked upon fondly at the office, weekend naptime is sacred.  Even big sister who has outgrown napping gets some quiet time (also known as TV) so that mom and dad can rest too.  And I am grateful for hubby, who usually makes sure I get at least a catnap on the weekends in return for letting him sleep in.
In spite of my great regard and recognition of my sometimes desperate need for a nap, I sometimes still struggle with whether or not I should take one.
Another one of my mantras is do what you can when you can.  Although napping can fit into this guidance as take-a-nap-when-you-can-get-a-nap, it also conflicts with the general principle of efficiency.  Think of it, at least an hour and a half of almost uninterrupted time to get some exercise, do grocery shopping, wash windows, read a book, dust, assemble a baby book, catch up on missed television shows… if I were to give up my weekend naps for a period of two months or so, think of how much I would accomplish.  The Never-Gets-Done List might become obsolete. 
And yet, after making it through a weekend morning, my bed looks oh so inviting.
Alas, it seems that eventually, this inner conundrum may be resolved for me.   Now that our second little girl is 4, the signs are evident that she is on the verge of giving up her afternoon nap.  And the likelihood of having the two sisters quietly entertain themselves for even a catnap-length of time is low.  Squabbling is bound to occur. 
Still, I hope that I’ll be able to fit in a weekend nap occasionally.  It will still be necessary, after all, in order to handle the squabbles, and I’m sure hubby will support me.  But also imagine how much more productive I’ll be…

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