Wednesday, 22 February 2012

A Borrowed Quote

"A loose end - that's what we women call it, when we are overwhelmed by the care of small children, the weight of small tasks, a life in which we fall into bed at the end of the day exhausted from being all things to all people."

Anna Quindlen, "Every Last One"

I've recently started reading again.  I hope to do more of it.  I can't handle anything too serious or too complicated, and I've started to give myself permission to cast aside any novel that I can't get into.  But I do enjoy getting lost in a good story.  I know it's a good one when I can stay awake to read more than a few pages before the words blur, I imagine new sentences, and the weight of my eyelids and the book itself cause the book to fall on the floor.

This is one I've just finished.  Beyond being a mother, the narrator's life doesn't parallel mine, but this was one of several phrases which resonated with me.  Long ago, when I had time for such things, I kept a journal of phrases and ideas from books I'd read that kindled something inside of me, gave me pause to think, made me laugh, or just really made sense.  

Now, I'd just be happy for the chance to read, and maybe join a book club...

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