Saturday, 28 April 2012

Weekend Mornings

6 a.m. on a weekend morning is way too early!!!

How do I explain this to my young children?

I know that they understand the idea of weekends. I'm sure it's their excitement at the prospect of spending all day with mommy and daddy that gets them up so early in the morning. I just wish I could get them to understand that if they let me sleep a little longer, I'd be more fun to be with.

It's not that I'm not a morning person. I actually manage pretty well once I'm up. (It also gives me a head start on unpacking the dishwasher, washing last night's dishes, and doing some laundry.)  However, I like the idea of easing into the day, in order to contrast the rush of weekday mornings.  But the kids are just so awake first thing in the morning.  They are loud and don't comprehend the idea of using quiet morning voices, no matter how often I remind them, or how quietly I speak to them.  And they like to turn on all the lights, before my eyes are adjusted to the idea of daylight.

We sometimes try the everyone-snuggle-in-bed approach, but it isn't very peaceful and snugly for long. It usually ends up with lots of fidgeting, squishing and someone getting hurt.

Thank goodness for early morning children's television. We make weekend mornings pyjama mornings, take some dry cereal into the basement, and I try to let them do their own thing without too much interference. Sometimes, we can even catch some extra sleep on the couch. 

I'm happy to say that as they get older, it's getting easier. I can actually foresee the day when big sister can get the cereal for everyone and we can stay in bed! Maybe one day, we'll even progress to having breakfast being brought to us in bed!

Until then, however, hubby and I have started taking turns. I'm looking forward to tomorrow morning when it's my turn to sleep in...

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