Thursday, 12 July 2012

Putt, Putt, Putt (Or, what I think about as I drive to work)

Oh well, it’s later than I wanted to be leaving.  I hope traffic isn’t too bad.  Stupid clock in the car is 2 minutes slow.  I really should fix that.  I wonder how to do that… nope that didn’t work.  Oh, what a cute dog.  And there goes that lady walking with the stroller again.  Funny how you see people day after day as your paths cross but you never know each other.  And then there’s some people you never see… We haven’t seen Scott and Heather for ages, we should really try to coordinate something.  I’ll leave that to Bill, he’s the social convener.  Where do all the weekends go, anyway? Oh, the car’s making that groaning grinding sound again.  Have I told Bill about that?   Wouldn’t it be great if we could just ignore it?  I can’t be bothered with a trip to the auto shop and a bill that we’ll need to pay.  Which reminds me, I think the car is due for an oil change.  Yep.  Crap, why do I have to deal with all the car stuff?  Cuz I drive the car, that’s why.  Wouldn't it be great to ride your bike to work… Slow down cyclist so I know it's safe to turn onto the on ramp for the highway.  5, 4, 3, 2, 1 blast-off! OK, guy - speed up or move into the next lane, I need to merge here.  Shoot, I forgot my sunglasses.  What happened to that other pair?  Oh yeah, I think I lost them in the lake.  Good thing I only buy cheap pairs.  Stupid lake.  My itchy spots are almost gone, and thankfully Middle didn’t complain too much yesterday and slept through, but it’s frustrating that the lake’s got swimmer’s itch this summer.  Kind of gross, actually.  Try not to think about it.  Big surprise.  OneCity transit plan dead in the water, they say.  It was a visionary idea.  Visionaries don’t seem to get much support anymore.  That’s pretty sad.  Stupid Rob Ford.   How can you want subways but not want to tax the taxpayers?   Ah, that’s what taxpayers do.  Pay taxes.  I wonder how many of these people stuck on the DVP would be willing to pay a little more property tax to get better transit.  Think about it… how much would it have amounted to per year anyway? Surely, with all these people sitting in their cars day after day, someone can come up with a plan to end gridlock.  I’m thirsty.  Too bad I didn’t make tea this morning.  Oh, and my stomach actually rumbled.  What did I pack to make for breakfast?  Oh yeah – egg, wrap and avocado.  Sounds pretty good, I guess.  I’ll want sugar in my tea though.  I really should stop putting sugar in my tea. I feel like something yummy.   Really bad habit though, noshing away on chocolate and crap at my desk.  Don’t have any today anyway.  That’s good.   And it's okay that I didn’t run this morning.  I went to bed too late.  But I did do some abs and other exercises.  Yeah me!  Wouldn’t it be great if I could run every day?  Bill said I might waste away to nothing.  Wouldn’t that be marvellous?  I’d love to get rid of this flabby belly.  Kind of have to stop eating crap to do that though.  Hmmmm.  Remember – call the gym to get receipt so I can submit for refund from work.  Maybe I can also find a class at the gym on the weekends or something so I don’t feel so bad about not using my membership.  I shouldn’t have gotten a gym membership.  Oh well.  Oh shoot, I was going to get off the highway there to see if it’s faster… the back way can get pretty backed up, but it’s summer so school’s out so maybe it would be better.  Stupid construction.  Good that they're putting in better public transportation, I know, but very frustrating to sit in this long line of cars waiting to turn left cuz they took away the left turn lane for a bus lane.   Taking transportation to work would be great though.  Think of the reading I could do.  OK, do I want to put on make-up before I get to the office? Now where is my security pass?

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