Monday, 9 July 2012


There are spots for Youngest and Middle at our Child Care centre of choice! (yeah!)

They start next week.(so soon!)

Still no spot for Oldest, but Day Care Administrator says she'll keep us posted. (mild optimism.)

Lots of things to figure out (?):

1.  How to tell the nanny. 

Will she want to stay on for just after-school care for Oldest?  How much would we pay her?  What about August when school hasn't started yet?  Will she want to just watch Oldest for less money? And, if nanny doesn't want to stay on to watch Oldest:

2. Logistics of firing nanny. 

I think we agreed to 4 weeks' notice.  Will she still want to take her vacation the last 2 weeks of these 4 weeks. What else do I need to do?

3. Telling the children.

What's the best way to explain this to a 2.5 year old?  How do we 'sell' it to them?  How will Oldest feel that she doesn't get to go to day care?

4. Transitioning Youngest and Middle to day care program.

How will they feel about giving up days of relative freedom with the nanny?  Will they cry? How long will it take for them to adjust? 

5. Child care for Oldest for rest of August.

Look into day camps, grandparents, and extra days off for me.  Will Middle be upset that she doesn't get to go to day camp? 

6. Finding after-school care for Oldest when school starts. 

Probably means hiring another nanny.  What a headache.  And she'll need all-day care for non-school days too.  Is this possible?  Will she be OK at school for lunch?  What about the breakfast program... is this too much to ask from a 6 year-old?

It's going to be a busy and stressful couple of weeks...

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