Sunday, 7 April 2013

How to spend a Sunday

My husband just asked me what I wanted to do today.

My answer is nothing really.  I don't want to make any plans.  I just want to let the kids watch tv. Play. Make a mess. 

Last week was a blur, and I never really felt on top of anything.  We ordered pizza one night for dinner.  I was pretty close to late picking up the kids on two nights.  I felt like I was scrambling all week long.

So for today, I've got some things that I want to get done.  (I'm also mentally working on a list of things to do when I plan for a week's vacation, i.e.  time off work to do work at home, sometime in May.)  But for now, I just want to try to get ahead so I can feel organised and prepared for the week ahead. 

Here's my list for today:

  • Finally get around to explaining a variance in my T4 return for our payroll account for our nanny.  A $200 credit is watiting for us, if I can just figure out what accounted for the difference.
  • Pick up our vegetables from the farmers' market winter box program.  Combine this with a trip to the park with the kids.
  • Plan my meals for the week.
  • Go to the grocery store.
  • Make dinner for tonight and at least one other night this week.
  • Oooh.  My hair appointment!
  • Sign permission slips and registration forms for summer camps and programs.
  • Drycleaning drop-off.
  • Two or three loads of laundry.

  • And finally, tidy up the mess left by kids playing with relatively little adult participation all day long.

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