Monday, 17 September 2012

Our Silly Weekend Craft

Like all kids, mine love to pick up and collect all manner of things they find: rocks, twigs, chestnuts, acorns, more rocks, pinecones... Alice, in particular, has an eagle eye for finding the smallest of tiny little beads and sequins.  And Sophie is really good at finding coins.  One day, I hope that these skills might bring us large monetary rewards.

In the meantime, we amass a large collection of junk. 

Mostly, I can convince them that nature should stay outdoors.  But even I can see the appeal of chestnuts and acorns.   Chestnuts in particular, with their odd shapes and glossy, shiny coats.  Sometimes finding a whole spiny green shell waiting to be cracked open to reveal the precious chestnut inside.

And for some reason, I immediately see them as little faces.  And so, I was inspired with this silly weekend craft:

Maybe it's the googly eyes.  Any craft looks great with googly eyes!

I'm sure there will be many more chestnuts over the next few weeks.  And more chestnut people will be made.

Question is, what do we do with all these crafts we make?  Just because it's been transformed from raw junk, isn't it still junk?  How do you manage all of the crafts and creations of your children? 

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