Saturday, 26 January 2013

Crock-pot Challenge - Weeks 2 and 3

This will be quick, since I want to start getting ready for our ski trip to Smuggler's Notch (we leave tomorrow :o) !!!), but I wanted to remain accountable to my challenge.  So here's the update on my crock-pot activities for the past two weeks.

Pulled Pork
I'd never made it before, but it's the one thing that is consistently recommended to make whenever I ask for crock-pot recipe recommendations.  I'm sure there are more complicated recipes, but I went for quick and simple: 

  • pork tenderloin
  • can of root beer
  • cook on low all day
  • shred the pork
  • drain the excess liquid
  • mix in some barbeque sauce
  • serve on toasted buns

Couldn't be easier!  And it tasted good too.  We served it with some cut up vegetables for the kids, and coleslaw made from the cabbage I picked up at the local CSA winter market box.

I understand now why it is always recommended as a go-to crock-pot meal.   Quick, easy and yummy.   Sold.

Sausages, Potatoes and Cabbage
When looking for a crock-pot meal for this week, I found this one here.  It seemed perfect.  I had everything on hand: yummy sweet Italian sausages from our favourite local butcher, the Sausage Partners in the freezer, and of course, potatoes, onions and still more cabbage from our winter market box.  All I needed to do was chop it up, add some water, and cook it on low all day. 

Unfortunately, we were disappointed.

Our house smelled like cabbage.  Which was overcooked.  The potatoes were soggy, and the meal did nothing for the sausages.

I only had three sausages on hand.  Not really enough for our family.  But I was actually quite glad that we had sacrificed more of the most delicious sausages we've ever eaten to this disappointing meal.

Fortunately, I had also made applesauce.   The applesauce saved  the meal.

I think I agree with the recipe author, it might have been improved by adding some tomatoes and turning it more into a stew.  But as it stands, we won't be making this one again. 

No crock-pot next week - HOLIDAY!!!

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