Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Kale Challenge - weeks 2 and 3

I wasn't feeling very inspired in week 2, but I did make good on my challenge. 

As suggested by many, we tried kale chips.  I used this recipe from  However, based on a previous experience which resulted in burnt kale edges, I lowered the temperature to 250 degrees and increased the cooking time.  

They turned out perfectly!

However, my oldest daughter refused to even try them.  The 4 year-old ate them somewhat reluctantly, while my youngest munched away happily.  I enjoyed them too.  They have a very satisfying crunch that then kind of melts in your mouth.  But I can't eat very much at once before I feel like I'm just noshing on overpoweringly green health.  Perhaps it's the slight aftertaste.  I'm not entirely sure.

Another suggestion was to throw some kale into a smoothie.  So I did.  To our traditional smoothie of milk, yogourt, frozen banana and berries, I tossed in some chopped up kale.  Maybe I tossed in a little too much.   Again, my oldest daughter refused to even try it.  But the other two didn't seem to mind the little green bits in their smoothie.  I  was a little put off by the chewy green blobs.  I'll try less kale next time. 

I froze the leftovers into smoothie popsicles which all of the girls have enjoyed without any concern about the kale at all.

For week 3, I tried this recipe for kale with hazelnuts and cranberries.  Except I used walnuts.  And I served it, as suggested, with quinoa and dressing as a warm salad. 

It went mostly untouched by my children, but my husband and I thought it was delicious.  And, it was even better the next day for lunch!

Sadly, there was no kale in my winter market mix this week, so my stock has been depleted for now.   Plus, I'll be away next week so kale probably won't make it into my meals. 

But keep posted - I hope there's more kale to come!

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